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DELHI–RISHIKESH,2 days,600 Km ,5 punters,4 monster bike

-17 °C

Well here I start my first travel blog rather my first blog ever. Writing never came natural to me, I was never like those dexterous kinds, People who can very beautifully pen down their feelings, experiences or what ever shit, but I always had this thing in me to write about my experiences. After pondering over what I could write about came a new passion in my life RIDING

So here it goes…

After having done 3 amazing rides, with 3 different group of people I am finally writing about my last trip DELHI – RISHIKESH. Which could be summarized as 2 days, 600 Km , 5 punters, 4 monster bikes and lots of beer. We called it The Spiritual Junkie.

When my Friend Nishant Jha the master mind of the Trip posed the invite for Delhi Rishikesh trip I was all game, firstly because I had never been to rishikesh for Rafting and secondly I was dying for one more bike ride. The trip was scheduled on 18April, 08 but with my request it was rescheduled to 19th. We were all supposed to gather in South Ext , 4 :00 AM Sharp.

Well thing started on a bad note on the day before 19th, while was at a red light my brake wire broke almost damaging brake light of an Esteem . I wanted to thank that guy for not beating the shit out of me but I don’t know why I didn’t anyway, It was already 10: 00 PM and it was Impossible to find mechanic at that time. But I was lucky enough as Mr Jhas(Superman of lallu land ) came to my rescue and he arranged for a brake wire. I slept around 12:00 and woke up at 4:00, even with 4 hour of sleep I was feeling fresh and energetic( I wonder what happens to me when I have go office) anyway I was gaped to see my roommates still up and watching some funny movie. I changed into my gears, wished my roommates good bye and off I went.

I was the last one to reach South Ex. After introduction with the new roadies and hi hello with the rest I fixed my brake wire. We finally left at 5:15 am and as always Nishant was leading from the front (80 KM/h) we followed him (50 KM/h). Some Crap went inside my eye while I was overtaking a Waste dumping truck ( I don’t want to imagine what that thing was) and my eye started to itch badly. On the way we picked up one more Guy T.J, I was kind of disappointed to see that he was a pillion, I don’t know why but I some how don’t like MALE pillions (Chick are always welcome....) but I have to confess that in all the rides I had done, pillions have been one of the most interesting ones (Ya parveen u are one of them).

Thats TJ for U, the guy in white Turban

While rest of the gang introduced themselves with TJ, I used that time to have a look at my eye, and I tell u guys it was looking scary. It had swollen so badly that I looked like a Oghar, it was so red as if I had been Doping from past 24hrs. I gave my eye a water treatment and off we went. It was decided that we will have our first pit stop after Meeruth bypass.

Early morning ride is a very different experience, you can feel the freshness in the air Everything looks so nice and fresh (even my ugly friend Nishant). The ride was smooth, in fact so smooth that I could not remember anything other then the thumping sound Duk – Duk - Duk – Duk …………….Our first pit stop was at some random/shady/cheap(kind of places I like) dhabha name ‘CHAUDHARI DHABHA’.


Without wasting time I fixed my indicator light, this was where I got a new name ‘Nitin THE mechanic’. The Fix was easy, and after washing my hands with ‘RIN SHAKTI’ I joined the Gang which was already busy knowing each other, clicking some snaps and Crap…Crap…..but we were not alone, on the table we were joined with 100s of flies waiting for the paranthas to be served. Tandori paranthas were really good, I was doing a duel job having paranthas with one hand and fighting fly army with the other. Nishant reported that he almost swallowed one fly (what a great warrior…).

Having done the early morning ‘Peet Puja’ we left ‘CHAUDHARI DHABHA’. Ride till Roorkee was somehow very boring, contrary to what I was feeling in the morning that strip of ride left me in a very sad, tired and sleepy mood. Thing really changed after Rourkee, the roads became wider, with the symmetry of tree on both sides. As we reached close to Haridwar the condition of road kept on improving. Haridwar looked were different from my earlier visits. We crossed a bridge which run right above rive GANGA, the bridge gave a full view of both sides of ‘Harki Paudi’.P1000015.jpg

I stopped for a while to have a full view of devotees having holy dip but I don’t know why the view which looked so amazing while I was riding looked very sad when I stopped my bike(HOLY Shit...). Anyway in no time we reached Rishikesh stopping just once and having 1 kg of Cucumbers(My idea he he) the plan was to first go for rafting then food and finally DARU……

Jha Ji backed out as he had some medical problem, so 4 of us me, TJ , Ken and Chhada went for the rafting with 4 strangers . When we reached the base from where we were supposed to start our journey, I don’t know something happened to me, so was so F*&%& excited, I started jumping, splashing water at other, playing in water and got my self clicked in 100 different posses which gave the sad and useless sole nishant some work.


TJ was showing off his swimming abilities but he was the only one who was giving me competition and company in the Chutiyaps I was doing.


Rafting was great fun, but the best thing was the cliff jump. I thought the jump would be everything minus fear, because when I was standing on the cliff and looked down I thought it will be piece of cake but trust me guys when I was in the mid air ‘Meri Phat Gai Thi..’ In the mid air all I could think of was ‘instead of river Ganga a cemented floor would be waiting for me’, lucking for me it was not the floor but Ganga Mata......Jai gange .

Anyway after wrapping up with the Rafting thing we picked up our bikes and headed to Rishikesh where Nishant was waiting for us. It was already dark and bit cold. Next on the list was Food, and there was one obvious choice ‘CHOTIWALA’.

Food? I don’t remember much but it was definitely not as delicious as I expected considering the fact that the place is so popular, but I definitely remember we ate to the fullest of our appetite.
We left that place with full tummies and had a walk through ‘lakshman jhula’, through the main market to the parking, Nishant was telling me thing he did while we were Rafting(how he got one tight slap from a Firang Chick he was following for long…LOL)

We found a decently cheap hotel and everyone crashed on the bed, except TJ the loyal Lover, who went to make a phone call to his GF. Everyone looked tired but at the same time excited because it was DARU time. Nishant and me volunteered to the get the booze , I was all game for RUM as I was still feeling cold, others voted for Beer. Nishant and me left the place but soon our excitement turned to disappointment when people told us that it was impossible to get booze because of some stupid election that took place on that day(God…..Why this day only…). We settled for 2 glass each of Sugar Cane juice. Disappointed and heartbroken we reached Hotel where the news shattered TJ , Sunny & Dips. It was so difficult to bring them back to normal state and make them believe that i was not bluffing, and this night we will have to sleep just like that …I still cry when I think about that killer night.

Anyway we found good replacement of DARU and that was TJ ki ‘GhapChodi’. He only talked about Chicks and Chicks and Chicks, I liked his way of explaining things. He explained us the concept of mardi Gras in New Orleans. It was best Lori I could have before sleep.

Morning as usual Boring, I was the last one to get up. We wrapped up our luggage, paid the remaining amount and decided to have a heavy breakfast followed up with a ‘Mudrika - one full round of Rishikesh starting from Ram Jhula then taking a u turn via Lakshman Jhula and back to Ram Jhula on our Bulls.P1000085.jpg

We stopped in between for pictures , a little bit of shopping.
I really liked the path, it was kind of road you would Love to have a walk on with your love, holding hands and talking romantic stuff.

Well it was time we leave for Delhi as it was already 12 and we were running well behind our schedule. We decided to meet in front of IIT Roorkee and full fill our ‘Alcohol Deficiency’ which had been deeply aggravated by last nights tragedy stuck forced fasting of Booze. At Roorkee we had beer with absolute delight at a very dingy place, which had excellent service and then had food ‘POLARIS’( how could u name a restaurant Polaris) the food was excellent and then started the best phase of my ride. Somehow I really enjoy driving when I am little tipsy but conscious enough to ride. Every thing around me looks beautiful, I sing my favorite songs, I think about my lost love, thing I had done, things I should not have done, I think my parents, my friends , my past , my present and my future . Basically I just Dream and Think.

Rest of the ride was really nothing special to write about, around 10.30 I reached home where some more Beer and Chicken cooked by ( World Chef No 2 ‘VARUN BAJLA’ obviously I am Numero UNO) was waiting , I took a extended shower, and called the day off with FOSTER + Chicken and explaining trip details to Varun.

I went to bed with memories of the ride, new riders I meet still fresh in mind and at the same time feeling sick because next day bring back that same office shit.
That’s it. This wasn’t bad I hope I write more.

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